(wrote when thinking of Kosovo Refugees)

"Someday" is what I used to say,
"I'd like to travel far;
Someday see prairies, mountains, and oceans -
this country and those afar.
Someday I'll see the shamrock,
the castles and rolling hills,
Or marvel at the kangaroo -
oh, so many thrills."
I turn each coloured, picture page
and know "someday" won't come;
I've learned that here, in my own backyard,
there's much to be seen by some.
There are many people in the world
who would like to travel here
To have fresh water, food and warmth,
to sleep without fear;
To forget the war, the devastation,
and hope for peace and life.
My "someday" was so selfish
when I know of those with strife.
I have so much to be thankful for -
here, at my own back door.
Someday all people on earth could be free
with my "someday" and more.

Joan Adams Burchell