Four Short Poems for you

by Joan Adams Burchell (copyright)

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The Thimble

There's a thimble in my collection - not china, pewter or gold;
A thin, silver-plated, unattractive one - and very used and old.
Yet there it is, displayed with pride, with Dickens, Royalty, and more;
That thimble outranks any one of them; It's the one my mama wore.

Special Gift

This wonderful day has a simple name and it's not a holiday.
It greeted me when I awoke this morn - it's name is just 'today'.

Bottomless Cup
Love is ours to give and give, yet it never disappears;
In fact, the more we give away, love grows throughout the years.

People and Flowers

How vivid the colours in the sunlight;
How tall things have grown overnight!
How the rain worked magic on thirsty roots;
How it travelled each plant and awakened more shoots.
How neither just rain or sun would do;
How much the plants are like me and you.
We need to be bathed, loved warmly and know
That to show our colours makes others grow.