Two Poems by Joan Adams Burchell (copyright)


We Will Remember

Blood was shed on fields and shore,

in the air and on the sea.

Men - just boys - gave up their lives

so our country could be free.

We honour them, and their gift of peace,

on the eleventh day of November.

Memories go beyond the grave

so we will always remember.


The Price For Freedom

The eleventh month is named "November";

The eleventh day we will always remember.

The great world war had come to an end;

The men who survived, we prayed, would mend.

The scars went deep but they fought the hell;

The men of bravery hid it well.

The memories showed behind their eyes -

The horror of watching while a friend dies.

The price for freedom was paid so we

Could live our lives unafraid, and free.

Our country is proud of the women and men

Who knew the importance of freedom, back then.

The years have passed but on the eleventh of November

We salute those who fought and we will always remember.