Quiet Place

I’m sitting here in my garden -
just having a look around;
Not oft’ I get to do this
as work does always abound.

Today is humid; it’s hard to breathe;
so I sit in the shade of the tree.
I feel so blessed because I believe
God planned this day for me.

I cut, dig, plant, and weed -
’round and ‘round it goes;
But today I see what God wants me to -
His garden that, through my hands, grows.

I stop and see the beauty
He has given me to sow.
I love to work in His garden;
and I feel that He does know.

To be loaned a little piece of earth,
to tend as He would do,
Fills me with awe - He has faith in me -
and visits our garden, too.

This quiet place for birds and bees -
colour of every hue
Is a place for me to come in prayer -
give thanks for all He can do.

©Joan Adams Burchell

June 26, 2005