Snow untrodden on Life's path
Will show each footprint well.
'Tis wise to choose where one will tread;
Who follows, one can't tell.

Children, loved ones, some you know
May follow where you lead.
Through shadows, sunshine, see the light;
Let mind and body heed.

Just be careful where you walk
As ev'ry footprint shows;
And pray for guidance where to tread --
Just ask the One who knows.

What you do along Life's path
Will follow where you go;
It will be known deep down within
As in your heart you'll know.

When you know you've done your best
But your goal you've not attained,
The One whose guidance you obeyed
Your courage has sustained.

That is all you need to know
To bring you peace of mind --
That peace not all may understand
But hope they, too, will find.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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