November Surprise

How do I express what I'm thinking
on this glorious November day?
The sun is shining and smiling down -
and everything glows with it's ray.

The birds are flitting back and forth
to the feeders all around;
Squirrels go back and forth - cheeks full,
so their winter supply will be sound.

Neighbours are outdoors raking up
the last of the many leaves;
Who would want to be indoors -
on a day like this, if you please?

Christmas lights are being hung;
the sun makes it warm to work.
This day was given for us to enjoy;
it isn't just a quirk.

Children coming home from school
will stay outdoors to play;
Not many special days in November,
so enjoy it in your favourite way.

Joan Adams Burchell
November 19, 2004


Autumn Feelings