Three New Year Poems for you


Happy New Year!

Just once a year at the midnight hour,
As we listen to the bells on the top of the tower,
Some reminisce and are giving much thought
To all of the blessings the old year has brought.

Some there are planning, through faith and prayer,
Just how, with others, they want to share
Some of the good with which they were blest,
Seeking to know and to do what is best.

Now, New Year's Day we all will observe
And make it special - it does deserve
Its rightful time and recognition,
For it has become a great tradition.

But whatever the day or whatever the hour
To begin a new year - we are given the power
To make a fresh start - on a brand new page
Of the "Book of Life" whatever our age.

Make resolutions, be freed from the past,
Plan a bright future with new goals that last.
Let's pay attention and let us remember -
We need not wait till the end of December.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



'Tis the old year's last day, yet we know it is n-o-w
That we do our living, so we're making a vow
To listen for guidance from within, not without.
Highest good will flow through us; that's what it's about!

We'll not be discouraged when sometimes we take
The long way around and have made a mistake.
Trial and error can turn out a blessing to be,
If we will but learn the right way, you and me.

Dwell not on our problems, but on our successes;
Think not of our needs but share our excesses
With brotherly love, to help one another,
As we were taught by our father and mother.

Think of "N" meaning "No" and "O" meaning "Other",
"W" as "Way", and you will discover --
"N--O--W" -- "No Other Way" -- as you live it you'll see
Our goal and our pathway is "Eternity"!

Now that we've come to an infinite conclusion,
We toast the New Year with a new resolution --
To live in the "NOW" every moment each day!
Our Eternal Compass will show us the way.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



Can you but fancy multi-gifts all packaged separately?
You may examine one a day and every one is free!
Free to lavish on one's self, or, one may want to share;
Including others in one's joy just spreads it everywhere.
Have you guessed the multi-gifts all packaged separately?
A hint or two will let you know what's there for you and me --
Three hundred plus some sixty-five all trimmed and tagged, placed in
Twelve packages, all neatly wrapped, hold mysteries within.

The contents you determine as you plan to use each one;
Ideas come and every gift should include some fun.
Ways to help our fellow man, some patterns how to spend
A life of joy and happiness -- on you, this will depend.
These wee parcels you receive --
I 'm sure that now you've guessed --
Are the days ahead in the coming year;
May all of yours be blessed!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis

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