Minds Connected in Silence

Without a word, minds can connect with utmost clarity;
In thought, their souls communicate with those in parity.
Kindred spirits, silently - though physic'lly apart -
Can know a loved one's in distress; 'tis felt within the heart.
To anyone, to anywhere - attuned by love and prayer
They're blessed no matter where they are on land, at sea, in air.

Loved ones' fears have been allayed and, instantly, one knows
That peace and calmness, now, has brought the mind to sweet repose.
The Internet cannot compete with our silent line of prayer;
No virus lives that can erase the thoughts of love we share.
It is in silence minds connect; our inner net is there
To swiftly carry messages, on time, to anywhere!

Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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