"The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it." -- William James

William James has written well the Truth that he did see;
Our talents should be used through life to outlast you and me.
Our journey here -- be long or short -- will meet with much success;
The love we give along the way makes lasting happiness.

Life's legacy, when we depart, could linger on fore'er,
Descendants' hearts o'erflowing still -- and all because we care
To leave behind a gift we made -- devoted to impart
That which is a part of us to keep within their heart.

If we feel stress along our way, we lift our eyes to see
The strength we need to do our task flows into you and me!
Continue on refreshed shall we be moved to carry on,
Rewarded with His peace and love, all doubt and fear has gone.

Content to work, we sing with joy -- what fun it is to know
That we can do it with a will, just knowing we can go
Beyond the pain and be of help to others on their way;
In doing so, we help ourselves to fully live each day.

The time will come and we'll not know 'tis "now" we've earned our rest --
Unlimited the blessings known as we do our very best --
Substance free, for you and me, to do with as we may,
We use our talents to love and bless while, to us, it seems like play.

We'll move on, one step beyond to a place that is above
Where you can see -- still, you are blessed -- with undying love.
Just know that now we journey on -- no tears when we depart
With steps unfaltered and with joy! Our love lives on -- in your heart!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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