Things one can give up for Lent - suggestions one can do -
Let's take our pick from those below; we'll maybe choose a few.
Some may find that they're among the ranks who do complain -
The whiners, critics, grumblers all - and what to do is plain.
One's reaction to events, perhaps, has more import
Than does the actual incident; then, why to this resort?
Take some exercise each day to get one's self in shape;
To wisely eat and spend one's time to learn to meditate.

Harmonize with others more; need disposition change?
Just look at all the choices here - one finds 'tis quite a range!
Talents could be put to use; improvements can be seen.
As one examines honestly, one can become quite keen.
Be one who'd rather WANT TO than HAVE TO do the chores.
Be one "to live and let live" those beliefs that are not yours.
One must know each is unique - as different as each day.
With love enough, all will be free to live one's life His way.

Seek you approval of your deeds? Just do your best and see -
Each time your better will be best - in high esteem you'll be.
There's always someone needs a hand and you could be the one;
Unknown to them, just give your help; you'll know the good you've done.
If advice you long to give, be careful - listen - heed -
Advice robs one of thinking through the challenge one may need.
Look them over, one may say; it hasn't been too tough -
Improvements during Lent to list - 'tis plenty long enough!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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