Just Be

When the ice coats all, from freezing rain,

and it's a feat to stay aloft,

The birds still have to find their food;

and it shows that they aren't soft.


I filled my feeder awhile ago

and was trying to move some ice;

A chicadee came up so close to me;

chirping "Me, me, me" - So nice!


It was a moving "thank you" -

one I won't forget;

Such a little thing for me to do

and yet a reward I did net.


He came back with his family

and other birds he'd told;

They chattered and sang and gave thanks, too;

and made me warm - not cold.


They gave me strength to scrape the ice,

while they chirped their songs to me;

If that is all I accomplish today,

it was a time to remember and "just be".

©Joan Adams Burchell

(January 3, 2005)

Winter Poems