Spring is here and with it brings
Such gladness to the Earth
And all its people, once again,
The feeling of "new birth".

The warming touch of spring sunshine
Brings forth, to dress the trees,
Green leaves that dance as they unfurl
Their flags upon the breeze.

Birds on treetops sing of it;
Each little girl and boy
And all the creatures in the wild
Bring messages of joy.

Life anew bursts forth in fields,
In forests, lakes and streams;
Renewed in Spirit, you and I
Rebuild our hopes and dreams.

Hear the music in the air
And smell the sweet perfume
Of flowers blooming everywhere
As Nature sings her tune.

Easter music pouring forth
As choirs lead in praise
Of life renewed - on Easter morn
Their happy voices raise.

For a happy Easter Day
On that special day in Spring,
Remember yet the Source of joy
That Easter Day will bring!

   --Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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