Early Morning Mist

Misty morning, quiet and still,
Hiding whatever lies over the hill;
A blank white wall looks back at me
Until the sun rises and sets me free.
Slowly, slowly, the mist gives way -
The strength of the sun lights up a new day.

©Joan Adams Burchell
September 20, 2009

The New Bird Feeder

I put a new bird-feeder up,
just the other day;
The old one flipped its lid too much
on a windy day.

It was a comical site to watch
as they gave each perch a turn;
They soon caught on and more came
to feast - and learn.

This was such a little thing
but to the birds, so great;
A tall new model with a red lid -
they wouldn't have to wait.

Back and forth, Thanksgiving Day,
chirping out their praise;
Thankful for black sunflower seeds
housed in a Rolls Royce space.

©Joan Adams Burchell
October 11, 2009

Time Together

Whether it's hot or cold or rain or snow
I try to comb N'kai each day.
It makes her feel comfy with all that hair gone
and she stands very still 'til I say.

She's getting older but still runs away -
smiling as she rolls on the grass.
It's part of her fun and then she comes back,
waiting for her collar with class.

Our walks are part of yesterday -
now she enjoys her big yard;
She loves it when outdoor work I do
and seems to know that it's hard.

She watches and waits until I'm done in
and we take a much-needed break.
Growing old together now -
My dog - my friend - my mate.

©Joan Adams Burchell
October 12, 2009

*Chicken Soup*

Chicken soup can warm you through
in many different ways;
I think because it's homey -
Something from by-gone days.

Are you cold; are you sick;
lonely, or depressed?
Have a bad day or really tired?
Chicken soup is best.

The prescription used by our ancestors
and handed down to us,
Was homemade chicken soup for all -
and made without a fuss.

No? I can't convince you?
Don't laugh until you try;
Delicious, nutritious, Mom's chicken soup
will put a sparkle back into your eye.

©Joan Adams Burchell


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