Hobbies and Dreams

The dreams I've stored up in my heart -
I'm going to set them free!
Goals I set, short-term or long,
do not hinder me.

I think not what is left to do -
I look at what I've done;
A step at a time - no looking back,
will make my project fun.

It matters not if I dont meet the time
for when I'm done I'll see
That what I did turned out just fine
and it's a part of me.

A little of this, a little of that -
a choice to me is grand;
Garden, quilt, write a bit;
to my Mac I'll try my hand.

My dreams are hobbies I like to do,
and my heart fairly sings
When just a little thought I had
finally gets its wings.

Each weed I pull, each stitch I quilt,
each word I type or write
Is building a dream and setting it free
and making long days feel right.

I hope that what I leave behind,
when time on earth is done,
Gives someone beauty, comfort, joy -
And they know that I had fun.

Joan Adams Burchell

Written April 13, 2003

Miscellaneous Poetry