His Touch

He touches me with a sunrise
and when it sets at night;
He touches me when I hear a bird
sing with all its might.
He touches me with the warmth of the sun
or the gently-falling rain;
He touches me with a friendly-email
when I'm lonely or in pain.
He touches me when the moon is up
and the stars brightly shine;
He touches me when He hears my prayer
and knows that it is mine.

Thank you God for loving me
and always being near;
For your power of protection,
and for casting out my fear.
Thank you for the beauty I find
in a flower or a tree;
And for the joy that comes my way
when someone smiles at me.
I ask forgiveness for my sins
and pray you'll help me be
The person I was meant to be
when You breathed new life into me.

Joan Adams Burchell
June 27, 2004


Inspirational Poetry