Happy, Happy New Year To You!
May all your hopes and dreams come true!
His bountiful substance is everywhere,
That you and your loved ones are free to share.
Discover yourself anew each day,
Guided by love along the way,
Offering aid wherever the need,
Helping the hungry ones to feed.

Giving your time to children of those
Parents and loved ones who may not disclose
How busy they are -- every day, every hour ­
No quality time on which to shower
Kisses and hugs for everyone ­
Visits to playgrounds for loads of fun -
Stories at bedtime, cuddling time, too ­
What we take for granted, they never do!

In so many ways, time is of the essence ­
Hospitals, nursing homes, in convalescence -
Whate'er your talent, in whatever place,
You will be welcome and given some space
To give all the time, that you wish to spare,
To work with others to show that you care.
They'll be happy you did and then there will be
No happier people than you and me.

Happiness and Peace do not come and go;
They're always there for you to know
Day by day, as you do and be
For yourself and for others; you will see
The joy of the trip, above all other,
Is the journey we take helping another.
All through the year you'll have done your best
To make this year the happiest!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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