This page is very special to me.
The poem "Heart Songs" was written for me by a special friend.
Her name is Lora and she has a heart as pure as the white of a daisy.
I have only met her through her uplifting (and often funny) e-mails,
but a day would not be complete without a note from Lora.
Like an angel, she lifts me up and gives me courage to keep on keeping on.
Thank you, dear Lora for this treasure!

Heart Songs

She tends her garden with loving care,
All nature sings to her as she sows
The melodies swell within her heart
And there they grow and grow.

She takes pen in hand and writes
The songs she hears in her heart,
Songs that tell of natures beauty
Of the Master painter and His art.

She lives alone upon the earth
And makes do the best she can
For she knows God in His wisdom
Has for each life a plan.

He surrounded her with natures beauty
Gave her a heart to hear it sing
And the gift to write the songs
That joy to other hearts would bring.

And though I've never met her
I've read her lovely songs
And know that she is special
And to God her heart belongs.

I often think about her
And when my day comes to an end
I thank God for this lady
Who's become a special friend.

I wait each day for her mail
That tells me all she's done.
If she's riding out a storm
Or basking in glorious sun.

Now isn't it truly amazing
That someone we've never met
Can become such a part of our life
Through the magic of the Internet?

Keep hearing the music my friend
And write the songs for all to see
For without the songs of your heart
How dreary this world would be.

©Lora Cox

Please visit Lora. You will come away stronger and happier.

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