He Touches Me

God touches me in the garden
when I see a flower in bloom;
He touches me when I think of the beauty
awaiting in His "Upper Room".

When I pray I listen -
for answers I need so much;
That is when I can freely feel
the gentleness of His touch.

God touches me through a sunrise,
Colours changing every day;
He touches me so I watch, in awe,
at the beauty of each today.

The sun going down in the evening,
the moon and stars at night;
These are just a taste of Heaven
if I live my life by His Light.

God touches me with the quiet whispers
that come throughout the night;
He touches me that He listens and knows
my happiness and my fright.

The sense of calm He gives to me!
Lord, I am but one;
A lowly sinner praying you'll have me
In your cool garden beyond the sun.

God touches me with angel friends
that walk upon this land;
He touches me when He knows I need
someone to hold my hand.

Perhaps I'm one of Your angels, Lord,
answering another's need;
If so, I'm the one who is truly blessed
as my hungers You do feed.

God touches me through the children,
their lives so pure and sweet;
He touches me when I think of how
they sit trustingly 'round His feet.

Let me, Oh Lord, be childlike -
let my life be lived for Thee;
I long for the beauty of Your "Upper Room"
and the peace I will find there with Thee.

Joan Adams Burchell
February 7, 2005


Inspirational Poetry