Goodbye to My Friend

Today, the sun rose beautifully -
a sight for all to see;
I hope my friend saw it rise
before God called, "Come to me."

I hope there was an angel there
and she was not alone
Before she rose and took her place
at the foot of Heaven's throne.

I know that now she is free of pain
and no longer all alone;
She missed her beloved husband so;
now he'll welcome her "home".

Each time I see the sun rise now,
I'll think of the memories
That build between two friends, with time,
creating many stories.

If there were apples in the orchard
or strawberries in the field,
That's where you'd find my friend and me
and we'd come home with such a yield.

We'd travel to the city
just to visit a Mall;
While she drove, she pointed out
the birds - she knew them all.

We'd stop to have her special treat
of coffee, hot and sweet;
And talk about the things we'd done
in our gardens, that week.

Her life was full of history
that I'll remember, too;
Of how she served her country well
in Air Force blue.

She knew each and every inch of town
because she was raised here;
But she loved to travel around the world
to places she held dear.

She carried treasures home with her
and loved to tell the glory -
What country each had come from -
there was always a wonderful story.

These stories I'll remember -
she left a legacy;
And though she's gone now from my sight,
she filled my heart with glee.

So now I say "Goodbye" to a friend,
but never will forget
The kindness she spread upon the earth;
now heaven will benefit.

Joan Adams Burchell
October 23, 2004


Miscellaneous Poetry