Morning's first half-hour of thoughts
Will influence your day --
And if you think 'tis true or not,
Just notice how you'll pay.

Thoughts of worry, bitterness,
Depression and despair
Are keynotes to unwanted days
Of discords to repair.

Think peace, hope and happiness,
Of harmony and success.
Just try and you can do it - yes,
Controling thoughts is best!

When you wake, let your first thought,
No matter what your mood,
Be, "I'm alert, alive and well;
I'm ready for some food."

Breathe your thanks for this new day,
Its comfort and its leisure,
And think of things that you can do
To give to others, pleasure.

Ignore sad turnings of events;
Stay on the sunny side.
When tempted you may feel, sometime,
Let calm and peace abide!

Once you've thought of all that's good,
Well-being you've assured;
Through woes and trials any day
You'll feel much less pressured.

To the betterment of this world
You've added in some measure
A little cheerfulness and hope --
A universal treasure.

With all that you have overcome
Your day begins to blossom;
What looked so challenging before
Is really not that awesome!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis--


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