God's Creatures

When I'm outdoors, I look around;
it's just become a habit.
Last autumn I turned and looked again;
was that really a pure-black rabbit?

It wasn't wild, but very tame;
a neighbour's pet - no doubt.
But winter came and it was cold;
too cold to be out and about.

The rabbit sat so very still
as I walked slowly by;
Someone had spread some food around
and a neighbour I did spy.

I asked about the pure-black rabbit
and she said someone had tossed it away;
She had been putting food out each day
but didn't no where it stayed.

The winter was severely cold
so I kept eyes open for the bunny.
It came from wherever it had made a bed
and ate what was left for his tummy.

Some blustery days, with no sign of him,
I feared the very worst;
But the angel lady always left food
and God put the bunny first.

Spring came along and one day in the field,
sitting amongst trees in a nook;
Was the miracle bunny who'd survived winter's cold,
sitting pretty - like a picture in a book.

Wild animals roam that field at night
so I wondered how it would survive.
I looked out my window one afternoon
and bunny was sitting in my drive.

He sat very still, eyeing me,
while a carrot I quietly put down;
Before I'd even moved away
he was holding and nibbling it down.

Yesterday morning he was seen next-door
so I placed a carrot and broken bread;
If the birds ate the bread, that was okay -
'cause bunny's carrot wouldn't enter their head.

God saw this rabbit through cold and rain
and soon would come the heat;
I know He wants us all to care
and we will - the neighbours on the street.

©Joan Adams Burchell
(Written May 27,2005)


Miscellaneous Poetry