Some are gifted with their hands to make or do or be;
"Abstract" ideas are given to some of life's philosophy.
Music, talents, skills and art are seldom all in one,
But each will concentrate upon the one he knows is fun.

Few there be who cannot see a channel they've become
Developing their special gift, though different medium.
Give to life your special gift; you cannot live without --
For that, above all else, you see, is what life's all about!

Gifts are wrapped in love that comes directly from the heart,
Unlimited, let blessings be the ribbons' counterpart;
All who give are blessed so much, they cannot understand
Why one would not accept a gift, then, offer reprimand.

Blocking channels bringing good to them, to pass along,
Somehow seems counterproductive; of course, I could be wrong.
Gifts are unconditional -- some of our Father's love --
It matters not through whom they come, they're sent from Heaven above.

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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