Heaven's Forever Spring

God gave us Easter in the Springtime -
my favourite time of year;
When everything is fresh and new -
behind us the sorrow and tears.

In Springtime trees and flowers reappear -
dispelling all the gloom;
Just as Jesus did arise
from within that cold, stone tomb.

God gave His only begotten Son
to save me from my sin;
Knowing that He would rise again
and I would give my heart to Him.

He touched me the day I opened my heart -
I knew I would never be alone;
His loving touch, like the whisper of a breeze,
for all of my sins did atone.

The blood He lost for you and me,
nailed upon that wooden cross,
Was the ultimate proof that our souls are safe -
that Springtime is never lost.

'Twas a bitter winter we remember that Friday,
but God knew we'd soon rejoice;
For His Son to die and then rise again
was God's promise to us, and His choice.

So now, Springtime is up to us -
to you and to me;
We can choose to stay in the cold, stone tomb
or we can gather 'round His knee.

We can gather lilies, sweet and fair,
in Heaven's Forever Spring
If we follow the way of our Saviour
and sing praises for our King.

Joan Adams Burchell
March 9, 2005



Inspirational Poetry