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My little Angel is watching over
this website, just like her sister does at the
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This is an experiment. Below, left to right: -

James Lever 1769-1861 (son of John Lever) and wife Mary Wigan 1770-1861 - my paternal g-g-grandparents b Lancashire, England.
Beside them - son
Roger, youngest of 9 and born aboard ship which travelled from England to Philadelphia, Pa. USA -
Roger Lever 1818-1893 and wife Rebecca Holley 1831-1897 (dtr of Adam Holley & Sarah Cheney, both of Caledon Twp., Co. Peel, Ont. Canada and of Pennsylvania Dutch origin) - my paternal great-grandparents;
Second row is
John Carter Adams 1854-1926 (son of William H. Adams and Anna Eliza ____ ) and his wife Eliza Jane Lever 1859-1944, 4th of 10 children; both born in Ontario, Canada (John being of Scottish origin) - my paternal grandparents.
Beside them - their son
James Andrew Adams 1901-1978 (youngest of 8) and his wife Rose Winterfield 1902-1974, (dtr of Albert Edward Winterfield and Lucy Jane Hill and eldest of 10). Jim and Rose both born in Ontario, Canada - my father and mother.
Third row is
Albert Edward Winterfield 1881-1950 (7th of 8; son of James Winterfield and Rosetta Robi(n)son who emigrated from England) and his wife Lucy Jane Hill 1885-1971 (dtr of Joseph A. Hill, born Ont. of Dutch origin and Sarah Jane Fawcett born Ont. of Irish origin). Both Albert and Lucy were born in Ontario. These are the best pictures that I could find of my maternal grandparents. Next to them, and under my father and mother is a picture of my sister, Doreen; brother, Bruce Adams; and me. To fill up the row, there is a picture of me taken at Niagara Falls, Onario c1951.

As I said, this is an experiment with my quilt squares. Although Ontario has been the birth place of many of my ancestors, if you notice the origins, you will see that I am what you would call "Scottish, English, Irish, Dutch, Canadian." When you give your 'origin', you always take your father's paternal background first.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my ancestors. It was fun to do for you but I apologize for the pictures not being the best. ~ Joan


Genealogy and Me

There was my mom and, too, my dad who gave to me my name.
I never thought much years ago that for them it was the same.
They each had parents, just like me, so now the total's four;
Times two is eight and then again will give me many more

Each name a person, time and place that come alive for me
When searching through the good and bad to find my history.
Homes left behind when they travelled afar to build this land for me;
Love and sorrow, courgage and toil all tell of family.

I'll keep a note of all of this and pass it all along
So my descendants searching "roots" will find them large and strong.
Could 'I' ask for anything more than what was given me?
I'll do my best and leave the rest for Genealogy.

Joan Adams Burchell



It's awesome to think where you're going; it's cool when you follow a dream,
But never forget where you came from - never forget where you've been.

Joan Adams Burchell


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