Experience Peace

What is the substance of Peace, Divine?
And, do I need to know
To feel its warmth and healing touch,
Enjoy its afterglow?
Peace may be felt in many ways
And in many places found --
Beside a brook that babbles along --
In Nature, 'tis all around!
Peace in a simple garden grows;
Relax and breathe it in --
The stillness holds so much of peace
You'll find even more within!
Peace is one of His gifts to us
We must know how to accept;
Our thoughts -- we felt were under control --
May sometimes intercept.
We thank Him for His healing gift
Which raises our consciousness,
As Spirit whispers to our Soul --
His peace is enveloping us!
Peace must be for the whole, wide world
For His gift is 'boundless' peace --
When we all learn that we must share --
We'll know the substance of Peace!
Peace has its true beginning in Love --
The kind our Father gives
To each and every one of us --
No matter where one lives.
Life has its beginning in Love --
And Power and Wisdom do, too;
When all lives are lived remembering this,
Everlasting PEACE will come true!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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