Each Day is a Precious Gift

Another day has just begun --
What blessings are in store?
Not a day goes by without some gift
And still there are lots more!
Give to one a friendly call;
To another, bless with prayers;
The letter that you write today
May show that someone cares.
Drop a card into the mail
With birthday wishes bright
To honour one's special day of the year
And add to such delight.
Give yourself a little time
To seek within your soul
And count your blessings one by one
As through the garden you stroll.
Attuned to Nature, you reflect
And feel a part of all
His beauty and love encircling you
With His elegant shawl.
Enraptured by night-songs of birds,
And early twinkling stars,
The silver moon plays 'hide-and-seek';
Crickets perform a few bars.
These gifts have crowned another day;
The night's soft mantle steals
Around His creatures everywhere;
A distant church bell peals.
It seems like all the world's at rest --
A time for some to pray
For loved ones, friends and neighbours, all
With thanks for a wonderful day!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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