Three Poems by Joan Adams Burchell




Did you ever

Did you ever feel you could reach the sky and hold a star in your hand
Or rest upon a pillowed cloud with nary a care to land?

Did you ever hear a bird in song and marvel at each note
Or wonder at the cricket choir or the bullfrogs near the boat?

Did you ever smell a rose in bloom and its fragrance made you sigh?
Do your nostrils await a cozy hearth when autumn's nip is nigh?

Did you ever touch a baby's skin, so delicate and fair,
And know that nothing else on earth can match this feeling, rare?

Did you ever taste an apple pie that didn't remind you of home
And motherly-love that nourished you no matter where you'd roam?

Did you ever see a rainbow that stopped you with one look
Or watch the sunset spill its colour like paint chips from a book?

Did you ever have a small idea that blossomed to full bloom
Because you listened to your inner-self and knew you had the room?

Did you ever?

A Dream

To have a vision, night and day, of something you yearn to do

Is to follow it whate'er the odds - to your own self be true.

It matters not what people think because it is your goal,

And determined ambition for what you do will target not half, but whole.

An innocent, life-long craving transports happiness, supreme -

Each step you take is another rung on the ladder to a dream.

On the road

On the road are many folk going different ways.

All are working dilligently and filling up their days.

Swimmers, skiers, skaters all are doing what they love;

Golfers, jumpers, gymnasts, tennis players beating luv;

Actors up upon the stage putting on their show;

Authors pen another tale and poets' words do flow;

Singers, musicians, painters, dancers capture their special scene.

On the road are many folk - all on the road to a dream.


Midi playing: "Dreams Are Such"