Two poems written by
Joan Adams Burchell
and copyright.



Dog Heaven

I think 'dog heaven' must surely be a place where dogs can run;

No stake to tie or leash to walk - just a place to run.

They'll sleep upon a pillow-cloud by the light of a newborn star;

Food and drink and treats galore will greet them near and far.

Angel-dogs will sing to them; a canine choir sounds fun,

But, mostly I think dogs want their heaven to be a place to run.


Thank Heaven

An enormous crow flew overhead while my dog and I took our walk.

The ebony bird perched atop a high pole and continued his deafening talk.

My dog stood still and cautiously watched, her brown eyes keen to observe.

"Jenny," I said as I watched my pet, "It's only a big, big bird."

She looked at me, unconvinced, and again to the crow went her eye.

It was then I knew what bothered her and thanked heaven that cats can't fly.