Divine Art

Evergreens so beautiful -
dressed in virgin white;
Here and there, ornaments of colour -
God’s winter birds - a delight!

Cardinals, Jays, Chickadees,
and God’s beloved Sparrows -
All a part of His winter canvas
perfected by He who knows.

Snow that falls throughout the night -
untouched by human hand,
Is a vision of Holy loveliness
to those who understand.

Painters, photographers and poets, too,
try to capture the sight;
Skiers, children, enjoy it their way -
as they play with all their might.

Some look through their window-pane,
just admiring the view;
God sends it for those who are shut in -
not only for me and you.

How Great His Wisdom and Love for all!
He knows whate’er the season -
Creative paintings send LOVE all around
and that is God’s gift and reason.

©Joan Adams Burchell

(February 1, 2007)

Winter Poems