"Andrew" was his middle name - his Christian name was "James"
but "Adams" was his father's name so that's the one he claims.
Dad was born in County Grey, his parents' youngest child;
he learned to work hard every day; no time for being wild.
"Lever" was his mother's name before she ever wed
John Carter Adams married her; she took his name instead.
Dad grew up and farm life was not the life he chose;
the city beckoned and he met a pretty girl named, "Rose".

Married, then they settled down to raise a family;
he was the best Dad in the world and was so good to me.
I think of him and Mom each day, though many years have gone
so many Father's Days have passed - his love still lingers on.
Mem'ries can renew the bond we shared with one another
the times we fished or played softball and joked and teased each other.
When I see a garden fair, Dad's always there, I find,
Or, even when I tie my shoes, he pops into my mind.

Loved us all - a family man, he taught us to have fun;
a deck of cards, a checker board - so happy when he won.
Dad was a Dr. Scholl man, true - knew all about the feet
and shoes that they should walk in - how best to keep them neat.
He lined them up, and one by one, he made the leather shine
Mom's, his own, Bruce's and Joan's - and he did the same to mine.
Saturday night's ritual made sure the shoes were there
for each to step right into them; we had no time to spare.

Off to church we scrambled then, being on time ensured,
for that was one of Dad's strict rules - or misdemeanors, cured.
When from church we all returned, Dad had our meal all ready
roast beef and mashed potatoes, beans - all piping hot, with gravy.
True - he seldom went to church; Dad lived the golden rule
and fixed it so the rest of us could go to Sunday School,
Church and choir and Bible Class - December, May or June
he'd drive us in his Oldsmobile morning and afternoon.

His religion he did live and set a fine example,
some fam'lies rich - were poor in love, but ours had more than ample.
When parents live what they believe, there is no need to tell you
we're born with - substance, wisdom, love - life's gifts of highest value.

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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