Creatures of creation, all created out of Love,
Through faith in their Creator, know all gifts are from above.
Gifts of Life and Substance, too, with Wisdom, and with Power,
In Love sustain us every day each minute every hour.

Spirit dwells within each one inspiring the Soul
To call upon these precious gifts in faith to keep us whole.
Life, the ever-present gift, begins not with our birth;
Life, like Eternity, exists here and beyond this Earth.

Silently, invisibly, idea takes its form
In Substance within Divine Mind, there, nourished to be born.
For 'twas like this the Son of God appeared on Earth to show
How Truth revealed to everyone would help mankind to grow.

All creation is a part of one dynamic whole;
Related, free to follow the gleam -- that spark within the Soul.
Changes through awareness guide all pathways left or right
'Til that perfection that we seek bathes all in heavenly Light.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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