There, abiding in the fields and in the same country,
Shepherds, watching o'er their flocks, this wondrous sight did see.
Overhead, appeared to them - albeit darkest night -
A heavenly angel seen by them surrounded by pure light.
Seeing that they were afraid, the angel spoke and said,
"Fear not, glad tidings I bring you - with joy, this word is spread.

People everywhere should know - it happened just this morn -
That God's Son, Christ the Lord, has come --
Your Saviour has been born!"
The angel gave to them a sign - to find an infant child
Where, wrapped in swaddling clothes He lay and
from a manger smiled.
And a host of angels joined in, praising God, and then:
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men."

First, the wise men worshipped Him in Bethlehem that day;
His star did guide them to the place where baby Jesus lay.
As the shepherds saw the light it led them on their way
To worship Him - to give their hearts - their deepest love portray.
"Shepherds" -- may they represent our "thoughts" that quickened be
The "Idea" (from Divine Mind) His Light leads us to see?

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis



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