Two Poems by Doreen (Adams) Ellis
(both copyright)




Christmas Presence

Should you want Christmas
all snowy and white
like childhood memories
burning bright,
Welcome that childlike consciousness
that came with you your life to bless;
That sense of awesome wonder, dear,
makes this a wonderful time of the year.

With wonder let your eyes behold
His gifts more precious than purest gold.
Prepare your home with greatest care
and make your food so fine a fare
As with a King you'd be glad to share,
for it is His birthday and He will be there!

He will be there for all to see when looking at the lowly tree
Pointing toward Heaven while in Spirit rooted,
'neath the bright shining star the Angels recruited,
His birth to announce to all on Earth, who celebrate in wonder, joy and mirth.

In every gift you will find Him there symbolic of love He spread everywhere.
He taught us of Love one for another, for strangers as well as sister and brother,
Neighbours and friends and parents too - treat them as you would have them treat you.

Prepare your home, prepare your heart,
Let nothing stop you from doing your part -
Wonder of wonders, on Christmas Day
There will be room for Him to stay.
There may have once been no room in the inn.
Come! Celebrate, now, His presence within!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


The Best Gift Of All

Treasure this Christmas, the best gift of all,
The starlight that twinkles above lowly stall
Where Jesus was born; He's also the Light
Sent by the Father to spark the insight.
Accepted by you from heaven above,
You'll get to know Him as God's gift of Love!

He is your pilot; with compass and chart
For wisdom and guidance, both deep in your heart,
Where still, golden silence will help you to know
How, why, when and where -- which way you should go.
Forever and ever, worldwide, seeking one --
No gift is as good as the gift of His Son!

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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