Written July, 2004
Joan Adams Burchell
(all copyright)


My Little Book of Notes

My little book I put ideas in
is getting out of hand;
Bits and pieces, words, notes -
but nothing really grand.

Time to clear out - unclutter,
and start all over again;
I'll let you peek - here are the notes -
they all came out of my pen.


The Dove

The morning dove looked all around,
viewing everything;
I know she saw me watching her
but she never moved a wing.

Her head bobbed up and down and turned -
she was high as she could be
Atop my neighbour's chimney -
it was a comedy to me.


Stress Relief

There seem to be more butterflies,
this year, for us to see;
Wings spread wide, they soar and float -
their colours hypnotize me.

Only in summer the angel-wings hover,
and it is my strong belief
That they are sent for our benefit -
their beauty is stress relief.


Summer Menu

Summer is heat, thunder and rain -
sometimes we're in a fix;
But mother nature is the cook
and we get what she will mix.


Miscellaneous Poetry