Both of these beautiful awards are very special to me - a wonderful surprise! I treasure them and am deeply honoured.
Thank you CHRISTINA. All the way from Sweden! Rec'd July 21, 2003

What a tremendous honour to receive this beautiful surprise! I love it and will treasure it. Thank you BIRGITTA! Rec'd Dec.9, 2003

This is such a wonderful surprise! I am really humbled to receive this from Kathy, U.S.A., for my work on the PEACE PAGES. I really treasure this because it shows that people DO CARE about sending love around the world. Thank you KATHY I treasure it! Rec'd Jan. 17, 2005

RENEE, you took my breath away! These awards are beautiful and I am deeply honoured to accept them. Thank you! Rec'd. Jan. 19, 2005

BRENDA, These beautiful awards are so unexpected and I thank you for your kindness! I lOVE ROSES! Rec'd. Jan. 22. 2005
Thank you SHIRLEY for this beautiful, PEACEFUL award. I am going to put the original on the Peace Page. This one I enlarged to show here. I feel so blessed that you and others are so willing to send your love around the world. I will treasure this. Rec'd. Jan. 22, 2005

DEE, I am so honoured to accept this Award of Friendship from Granidee's Rainbow of Friends! I will treasure it always. What a wonderful Valentine's surprise! It is beautiful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rec'd Feb. 14, 2005