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Thank you, Susan, for this lovely award that you made especially for me. I treasure it. (Received in May/01)

Thank you, Martha, for this award that I display proudly. I am honoured that I could touch your heart in some way. (Received in June/01)

Thank you, Di, for these beautiful awards from Scotland. They are very special to me. (Received July/01 and August/01)

This was a wonderful surprise from Nova Scotia, Amber, and I treasure it dearly. Thank you! (Received July/01)

Thank you, "Dee", for this unexpected and beautiful Pearl Award for Poetry. I am truly honoured and display it proudly. (Received Aug.4/01)

Another wonderful surprise from 'down under', Australia. Thanks Eddy, Bella, and all the Tergestesoft's Team. I love it! (Received Nov.9/01)

Thank you, Bella, for this lovely award that you made me for being 4th in the "Festival of the Arts" contest. You are so considerate!
It was exciting to just be a part of it when I did not even know that I would be entered. This is a real treasure! (Received Dec.10/01)


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