Please visit these wonderful sites before you leave "Along Poetry Road". You won't be sorry.

Thank you Carole! These beautiful awards mean a great deal to me. I am very honoured, indeed, to accept and display them.

This award of Excellence for "Along Poetry Road" is mind-boggling, Bella! Thank you so very much. I am truly touched. Thank you!

Thank you, Eddy! This beautiful award is very special and I am honoured that you have listed "Along Poetry Road" in your "Winners Page".
This award was given to me by Momwisdom and I treasure it and am honoured to accept it. Thank you, Brenda!

It is an honour, indeed, to even be considered a nominee for this award. Thank you, Bella.

I can't believe it! "Poet of the Month" and I wasn't going to enter. It was received May 4, 2001. Another rung on a ladder to a dream.
I hope that all of the poets out there enter your contest, Bella, and thank you again. I treasure this.

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