Autumn Returns

Return of Autumn blesses all,
While Nature's gifts endow
(From Mother Earth's abundant stores)
Upon all creatures, now.

See the deciduous trees of green -
Such colours they display -
It seems they change from day to day
Before they go away.

Then, in glory, they let go
Transported to and frow
Until they rest in the loving arms
Of Mother Earth, below.

Earth, her jewels of colour, shows
They now can rest in peace,
While some prepare to travel afar
Along with the winging geese.

See the still-green coniferous
In all its stately glory ­
'Tis a promise that all will be green again -
But Spring is another story.

Nature covers the ground with snow -
Her iderdown of love -
While folks enjoy their winter fun
And blessings from above.

Marking time until Spring returns
With the sound of the waterfall,
May all the creatures arise to new life
When they hear Her wakeup call!

~Doreen (Adams) Ellis



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