Two Poems by Joan Adams Burchell ~copyright~


A Rainbow

The goddess Iris, with arrow and bow from heaven's vast supply,

With colours fitting, she places a rainbow away up in the sky.

An arch of love - a covenant - is all that separates

This life from one we still don't know - the one through heaven's gates.

How fitting is each rainbow, after the sky has wept;

Colours to cheer and lift our hearts, showing a promise kept.


Reflections of the rising sun cast hues of pink and blue

And yellow, like a rainbow arched, showing love for me and you.

That steadfast promise, through all time, was left on the horizon this way -

God opening yet another door, a new beginning - today.

I'll sing a song as I walk along and give thanks in my own way

For miraculous colour, for rainbows of love, for God - who gave me today.


Inspirational Poetry