Could we, like birds, each take our flight,
With wings outspread, into the light
Of a new day dawning in a higher place...
Lifting and soaring high in space
On winds that carry us, like thoughts
In consciousness, our minds to dwell,
Whispering, whispering, "All is well!"

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis




(Inspired by a tale within a sermon I remember as a child)

Let us stand on the seashore and look out at these
Little ships on the ocean, sails set to the breeze.
They are objects of beauty and sail with the tide,
Disappear from horizon out of sight from this side.
Loss of sight is with us - not with them -- they still see!
Just gone from our sight, they have not ceased to be.
On the opposite shore, there is raised a loud call --
"Here they come!  Do you see them, their masts straight and tall?"
Just o'er the horizon, the wee ships have gone
The same as our loved ones when they have passed on.

--Doreen (Adams) Ellis


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